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Updates are always good [04/26/07]
[ mood | awake ]

Hi guys.
I feel like I haven't written in a while. Two weeks, I think.

Nothing too too much has been going on....
Except the fact that I'm pretty much dancing the line of passing in OB. My frustrations with that class are pretty much indescribable. My professor has difficulty speaking english, and even more difficulty writing english (for exams) and doesn't get these things proof-red. Therefor, before I can take an exam...I have to spend time going through the test and correcting grammar and asking her what her tense is in a particular question so that I might being to think about how I can answer it. Does that seem utterly ridiculous to you? It's a nursing exam! I shouldn't have to decipher language first...
Ex. she spells Neurologic NURALGIC hm.
Not to mention, I love OB clinical. I have a great time and learn a lot. My 73 grade in class definitely doesn't reflect how well I do on the floor, and I just hate that. 
I started studying for the OB final last night...I'm determined to get higher than an 80. (maybe even a 90) I'm determined to know every stupid little detail so that her questions won't catch me off guard.  And, my clinical instructor has volunteered to proof read her exam so that it's comprehensible.
I'm staying positive.

Everything else is going pretty well though.
I had a great day yesterday.....
I was feeling so tired..and I had to write a paper...and I was just all blah. I walked in the door @ 8am to find an email from my pedi clinical instructor saying that clinical was CANCELED. It was amazing. I Was freaking out. Not only did I get to WRITE the paper, but I got to actually put some time and effort into it too, which was really nice :).
I'm still waiting for the grades from my pedi exam. I think it went well, though.

Everything with Jay has been good as well.
We celebrated our 6 months on the 13th...and he special ordered two gifts for me (one of which he's still waiting for), so I'll finally get to open them this friday. (one present is a ring...I'm pretty sure.)
He's taking me paintballing on saturday too with another couple. I think it'll be fun...although I'm kinda scared...

ANYWAY. Just wanted to check in, I feel like such an asshole when I don't write.

Also. I've been like...ridiculously nostalgic lately. That's for another entry...though.

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I enjoy these lists. [04/08/07]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Seriously. I go through the day and think/write down things I want to add to my list. 

Things I like Today:

*Dr. Irving Danesh and his new, cute H3 hummer. 
* Easter candy
* New Razor Cartridges
* Easter Lillies
* Diamonique
* Volvic and Penta water
*Cute babies
*Easter baskets!
*Burt's Bees shampoo :) 
*My dad, and how much he LOVES my old Ipod (which I gave him). 
*John Barth's "The Floating Opera"

Things I don't like Today:

*Working to get holiday pay....only to find out that easter is NOT A PAID HOLIDAY! >__<
* My car
*Working the day shift
*All the schmuck attendants that work the day shift
*My sister and how unrealistic she is
* The weight my neice has put on (she is 7 and takes a size 9 womens pant)
*Khemara's mom, and how she keeps calling my house. It makes me sad. Seriously.
*SOAPIE care plans
*White scrub pants, when you're working with seriously bloody patients.
*Schoolwork in general
*Being overly emotional 
* My mom putting "baby wipes" in my easter basket, and thinking they were for makeup removal.

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FYI [01/27/07]
[ mood | happy ]

a href="http://photobucket.com/" target="_blank">Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting</a>

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The Soundtrack to my life... [09/20/06]
[ mood | blank ]

I decided this would be pretty fun to do...

Track #.....song...and reason...

1.) Such Great Heights by the Postal Service..............for the boy I can't get out of my mind.
2. )& 3.)  Konstantine by Something Corporate and Mayonaise by the Smashing Pumpkins.....for my past. And for Br..cuz they'll pretty much always remind me of him.
4.) Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve ...Because I often feel like I'm "A million different people from one day to the next"
5.) California by Phantom Planet......I love to listen to it on nice, warm nights while I'm taking a walk on my own.
6.)  All of the Gin Joints in all of the World by Fall Out Boy.....for every asshole boy I've ever been charmed by and could neve quite catch...
7.) Miracle by Cascada........Because I need a miracle...
8.)  Your Boyfriend Sucks by the Ataris.....because I felt that way one too many times. "He lied to you a thousand times....he kept you waiting..."
9.) Going Away to College by Blink 182.......It will always hold this soft spot in my heart.  "don't forget to...think about me...and I won't forget you..."
10.) What Sara Said by Death Cab for Cutie .......Because it will represent the hardest part of working in health care.
11.) Anytime by Brian McKnight..... Cuz I'm a hopless romantic. And always the "more-liker"
12.) Feel Alright by Gratitude....Because it can always pick me up when I'm down.
13.)  Saying Sorry by Hawthorne Heights....Because I never quite know what to say. Ever.
14.) For me this is Heaven by Jimmy Eat World..........."The first star you see maynot be a star"
15.) Somewhere Only We Know By Keane.....Because I just find it quite romantic.
16.) Faith by Limp Bizkit.....Simply because I could never get sick of it. It's just humorous.
17.)  I would do anything for Love by Meatloaf........beacuse It's the NERDIEST song in my ITunes..and I'm proud of it :). Plus I think it's a cute song...
18.) -21.)  Seasons of Love,  Light My Candle, The Tango Maureen and I'll Cover you (Reprise)....because I am ridiculously in love with RENT.
22.) Unchained Melody by the Reightous Brothers........Bc I think it's the most romantic song of all time.
23.)  MakeDamnSure by Taking Back Sunday........uhm because I just love it.. And it's raw and honest.
24.) Understanding in a Car Crash by Thursday..............really...are you that surprised?
25.) Buddy Holly by Weezer.....even though I dispise them...this song can almost always make me smile :) Probably bc I want to be someone's "Mary Tyler Moore..."

I hope this was mildly amusing...?

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A long time coming... [09/18/06]
[ mood | distressed ]

So i know I haven't written anything exciting for a while..and meh..that's because I've been pretty busy with my creative writing class. Not to mention..I've been loving every single second of it...

One, small, problem.
I had to write my first  piece , and since it's non fiction..it had to be about a past experience etc.
I wrote a lot of my small free writes about my emotional tango with someone. They were good.
But this graded piece..well...It  took me 3 days to get an idea...and I walked to starbucks..and this whole amazing paper just completely poured out.
I have to say that when I stepped back and read it...i was so like..distraught about what I wrote and the feelings that had been shed.
I just wrote this from deep in my heart.

It's about someone I'm friends with..and I feel like I want him to read it and understand.
I don't know how to introduce it to him.
I don't know what his reaction will be.

What should I do?

Sometimes it's just wise to leave well enough alone..I guess.

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Wake me up when September ends.. [09/06/06]
[ mood | indifferent ]

I am so not writing about boys this time.
All I have to say is......I'm good enough to be chased.
And, I deserve to have a good, decent, romantic guy.

It's kind of nice to be back in the neighborhood. I always do feel like Boston really is where I belong.
I feel this eerie sense of home.
Almost like a welcome back sort of thing......a where have you been all my life sort of thing.
Even just taking a walk the other night....walking around the Fenway area. Seeing Beth Israel......feeling like that's my dream. Feeling like that's where I belong.
It makes me have chills.

I had a nice life realization thing today.
I read a book a long while ago (The celestine Prophecy)....and it's about all the quirky things in life. How you meet people for a reason. How every person you come across will make a mark on your life.
It has explanations for the people you're friends with. Who your parents are. What you will become.
It just made me think about all the sorts of things I've been going through.
Realizing that I need to continue with school.
Realizing that I deserve to be treated well by men, and that I'm not *settling* for someone just because they show interest etc.
Realizing that I have so much time in life...and that I need to love and realize myself more.
Realizing that I have some pretty amazing friends and that I can't take them for granted...ever again.

This is probably boring....
Ive been chatting with Br a lot too lately. Which is nice.
I swear, we'll be friends forever. Even when we weren't....i knew it would always come back around?
Is it weird that you hold places in your heart for people like that?

Classes are starting tomorrow, then Im headed home for work on Fri and Saturday.
Taking back Sunday is having a free concert in city plaza @ 5:30 on sat...so I'd pretty much love to go and be back in the city for that.
We'll see.
I also need to see snakes on a plane with jen, because I still haven't seen it.
Man, I need to watch movies more.........
I doubt that will happen though, considering the fact that I'll soon be pouring myself into my studies...
Duke only accepts the best, and since I'm already an underdog being a nursing student, I might as well pick my grades up.

Speaking of which. A friend informed me that a ton of people didn't pass pharmacology last semester.
A ton. That's disheartening. B/c I feel like there are so many good people in nursing who don't deserve to fail and be held back by number grades.

Time to continue reading and figure out if I'm going out tonite........
Btw. Nip/Tuck is amazing.


....... when you're worn out and tired....when your heart has expired...........

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A Can of Worms [08/28/06]
If you want to read what I have to say...if you want to know how I feel (but you're not on my friends list)........let me know and you most certainly can.
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A question of character [08/25/06]
[ mood | groggy ]

I worked last night.
Man was it amusing.

No joke...in an 8 hour period...we never had more than 10 patients.
That is a freaking fluke.
I ended up sitting in a room with Dr. Harris (my all time favorite Dr) and watching baseball and talking about medical school.
She told me that if I dont go to medical school...I'll be doing a great dis-service to myself and to people who need me.
She told me that I listen and learn and pay attention and help her all the time.
Man... should I just take the MCAT and go to medical school?
I mean, i know that I would be a good doctor. Its just the matter of getting through medical school...and more importantly...getting IN to medical school.
Then there's that whole...what kind of Dr would I be.
Here are my top choices in no particular order.........
ER Trauma
Plastic Surgery or Cardiothoracic surgery
Nephrology (Kidney)
Medical Examiner (Pathology/Autopsy)

Dr. Harris is awesome.
She was so wicked supportive, and telling me that if I ever need a reccomendation...I got it.  She even said that she would love to practice along side of me some day.
Man. I think I would make a good doctor.

<<Edit>> I take back what I posted before. I was emotional .

The end. :)

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Validation [08/01/06]
[ mood | awake ]

Last night before I went to work..I felt like complete crap.
I've been feeling kind of....depressed isn't the right word..but it comes to mind........for the past 3-4 weeks.
I've been feeling very like..vulnerable and insecure about myself.
Sometimes I honestly feel like...............<<why would anyone want to be my friend?>>...<<why would anyone love me>> etc.

And I felt like that last night. I cried the whole way to work. I just felt like there was no point.

But I got to work...and my 11p-7a coworkers are  really starting to accept me as part of their team...And since I was the only intern on last night, they really needed me.
It made me feel validated and important. And I needed that experience so much. I've just felt so inadequate.

There are even a few staff members who are rough around the edges..and who I didn't think liked me very much.
One of them spent a few hours of the night sharing stories about her grandkids.
The other taught me a ton of nursing things, and encouraged me to become a paramedic also because it was the best decision of his life. He even let me give a lovenox shot.

I just feel wanted/needed.

Sometimes, that's the only thing I ever wish for.


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Not a whole lot. [07/28/06]
It's almost August.

The summer is very close to being over.
I feel like i've done nothing but work and save some money.
I've gone to a few parties and got drunk a few measly times...but I haven't done a hell of a whole lot.
And jewelry. Yeah...that too.

I hate when I get to school..and look back at my summer and think <<Damn...I only have a few *Summer Breaks* left in my life until I'm a pathetic 9-5er who has responsibilities and a full time job etc>>
I think we may be going white water rafting some weekend in August.
Six Flags on Aug 10 for Khemara's Bday also......
Jen! Your invited btw! Get the day off mofo!! And! I hope you like spinny rides...because they make Khemara sick and I always have to go on by myself. :(

I had the 24/hr flu recently to. It effing sucks. For real.

Anyway..this entry is even boring me...so I'll catch y'all later.

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Interesting [07/14/06]
[ mood | dorky ]

I find it interesting, the people I run in to.

I was @ Subway...getting my "guilty pleasure" (Veggie D-Lite sub :) ) and I ran into an ex bf of mine.
I dated this particular guy my freshman year of high school......... and I swear, he was still wearing the same outfit I met him in. Some people just have no sense of style lol.
Anyway...he was quite nice etc.......and you could tell he was feeling some remorse from breaking up with me all that time ago......
TOO BAD :) hahaa.

Anyway......along with wearing the same clothes.......he has the same plan for the future...he's STILL trying to form a band in CA and make it big.

I am so glad I switched from dirty punk rockers (all which are NOT dirty...just the ones I dated lol) to a groomed, handsome, smart and successful man.
Damn......sometimes I realize how truly lucky I am :-D.

Also, I'm DONE with orientation and I'm now able to accept overtime :-D.
PS...I also get paid for 16hrs extra this week..when in reality I was only sitting in a classroom for 10 hrs. :-D. WOO HOO.

Much Love-

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Nervous [07/11/06]
[ mood | anxious ]

I'm workin my first overnite shift tonite 11p-7a @ the hospital.
Do you ever get that feeling like......I'm working...wait maybe I'm not...but I don't want to call and find out?
I feel like that....it's weird.
Because technically, I'm not susposed to work on my own until friday...but they needed someone tonite so I offered about two weeks ago. My boss told me that I could work but technically I'm still "orienting" etc.

Anyways...I'm scared that I'm gonna get there and they're gonna be like................."What are you doing here" lol.

I've never really worked with the skeleton crew before (4 RNs, 1 doc, two interns) so I'm scared that it's gonna be super busy and that i'll have a lot of pressure put on me etc.  I know that I know my shit and everything...but I get so nervous.
Ever since I saw that patient die infront of me.....while I was doing chest compressions etc....I get nervous about doing that again. ::sigh:::

Plus, I'm nervous about staying awake.
I woke up @ 10a today and then went back to sleep 1-4p. 
I should really try and sleep for another two hours before I go to work..but I am to anxious and I know that i wont be able to settle down etc.
The Rns were all warning me about working overnite, because it screws up your body and you usually experience nausea w/ vomiting around 5am. I duno...i'm kinda hoping that won't happen.

Anyway..I am going to relax and stuff before work.......think of me before you go to bed!! Since I'll be saving lives while you're sleeping :-D.

Much Love-Meredith

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$BLING$ [07/10/06]
[ mood | CHEAP ]

I am just BAD at saving money.
It's true.
Last summer, I spent and spent and spent and spent all summer long. I arrived at school in september with like 200$ in my bank account. That was gone in like a week, because I find that the first couple weeks of school are the most expensive.
So I was infinitely pissed off and promised that I would save a lot of money this summer so that I could be comfortable etc.

Yeah freaking right. I can't save money.
I am like seriously trying to be cheap......but I can't do it.
I atleast spend $30-40/week on gas.
Then I spend $50 on food/groceries.
And then little extras etc...so basically, without even trying I spend $100/week.
Blah......then there's my jewelry business in which I spend $20-30/week...but I don't count that because It comes from a different account.

I am trying to end the summer with $800-1,000 saved for emergencies and college wants etc, so if I get stuck without money I don't have to ask my parents.
I just don't think it'll happen...beacuse the second I see 300 or 400 in my account I immediately think I have a ton of money and spend.......BLAH it's like the plague.

On the subject of money, I just bought new shoes for work........however I was frugal about it. They're $120 orthopedic Dansko clogs, and I spent $40- total on them :).
I also got a massage today at a student clinic and paid $40- total instead of then normal $75.
So I guess I did well....but I guess I didn't need either of those things very much.

Any money saving tips out there? I'll take any I can get.........

Alright off to make jewelry and try to make a little pocket change....


Ps: Jen.....I defintely don't think working that close is a good idea.......you've grown so much as a person and I think that will only hold you back <3

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Roll the windows down and take a breath [07/05/06]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Time runs through our veins..........

Okay, so I've been really busy.

Work! I am sure you want to know..and even if you don't here it goes.

Basically...for 8+hrs/day I run around like a freaking maniac woman. That's pretty much my job description. I never have any idea what's going to walk through the door of the E.R so my job changes hourly...depending.
I do everything from cardiograms, to wiping bums, to going to the morgue with dead bodies, to chest compressions, to babysitting suicidal people, stocking linens and supplies, assisting wtih stitches.....and the list goes on. You name it I do it. The only thing I don't do is give medication of any kind. That's my boundary.

I enjoy it, and I know that in the end I'll probably end up working in the ER whether it be in Lawrence or not.  My only greivance is that I don't think they pay me enough. For all the work I do, I should be payed atleast 2-3$ more/hr.

I have so many stories, but I feel like if I even tried to type them out...I'd be here all day. So ask me whenever we hang out or something, cuz there is just too many..........
But some funny ones...
~> A girl came in last night with a bad reaction with a recent bout with some heroin. She was a FREAKING basket case. She came in on ambulance, and was then informed that the wait in the E.R was currently about 5 1/2 hours to see a Dr. She then promptly ran out the door with no pants or socks on.
Welcome to my life.

~> I had a psych patient last week who swallowed two double A batteries.
I was shocked, but apparently she swallows all kinds of things like spoons, rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, tweezers...whatever she can get her hands on that's metal.

And one particularly sad one....
~> I watched someone die.
A man came in with an ambulance *Dead upon arrival*. But when that happens, it's procedure to do CPR for 10 minutes just incase he has a chance to live.
So we did....I mean...I did.
And, he came back.....for 5 minutes. His heart was beating slow @ 30 RPM...but it was. He was alive...he came back from the freaking dead.
THen he died about 10 minutes later.
It was probably the saddest thing i've ever seen...he was only 50 yrs old with three kids under the age of 18. It was just heartwrenching....not to mention I had to bag him  and bring him to the morgue...so I was with him from start to finish.

A note about death.............
It has a smell that I can't describe.
Not like decomposing body smell or anything...but a genuine odor.
It takes over you...you smell it and smell it and smell it for hours and days later. No matter how many times you wash your hand or shower ..lt's still there. I hate it.

That's it for now.......
I'll update more often with any cool stories etc.
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All I have to say for now [06/27/06]
[ mood | exhausted ]

More about  my new job later..but I thought this pretty much sums it up.

"..Life's like an hour glass glued to the table. Noone can find the rewind button now."

And also, death has a smell that I cannot even comprehend or describe. But it sticks with you like the grim reaper himself.

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[ mood | hungry ]

So I start my orientation today, and then I get to work Wed, Thurs and Fri 7a-3p.
I'm excited about seeing things. Blood and guts and such. But that's about it.

I know it's going to be a lot of work. :-/

You know what pisses me off. Sallie Mae and loans and ridiculous amounts of money.
I was applying for my loans and looking @ what I owe etc..and it almost makes me sick. It's disgusting. It's going to take me my entire life to pay everything off. And.....as jen was writing...there are NO EFFING scholarships which are reasonable...anywhere.
I hated the fact, that in high school...I only got one scholarship on scholarship night and it was only $1000.
Okay..yes $1000 is better than nothing. But it pisses me off that all the popular girls and sports people got a TON more money. I was captain of my tennis team. I played Varsity tennis for 3 fucking years. You think I get shit? NO...beause they give the money to the stupid soccer and basketball women. I think that's frustrating. Give any one of them a raquet and put them in Varsity tennis...they wouldn't last for a fucking second. SERIOUSLY.

Sorry I just get pissed off.

I am so hungry.
But I have no idea what to make for lunch......
My options are somewhat limited I guess.
I might make myself a taboule and hummus pita or something. But I just feel like eating a big peice of sloppy , greasy pizza. Or even a taco or something.
::shrugs:: I'm doing well though....I mean, it would be pretty damn stupid to sabotage myself now by eating gross things.

Okies. I need to go and clean up my car...since the inside looks like underneath a teenage girl's bed. Seriously..it's ridiculous.
Also..does anyone know if there is a patch or something I can use for buying too many magazines. I am officially a magazine whore I think. It's fucking weird.

Okay. Later kids. Wish me luck tomorrow morning. It's going to SUCK to wake up @ 5:30 am. GOD! lol.


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booooooored [06/18/06]
[ mood | bored ]

I have no idea what to write about.
I don't feel like writing...except for I'm bored and hot.

I get really annoyed when I can't get a hold of people.

I start work on tuesday. **FINALLY**

I ordered two hello kitty scrub tops today :-D

and now I'm bored with this.

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A letter to Britney Spears [06/15/06]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Dear Britney,

    I watched your interview with Matt Laure (sp?) today and I thought that it was interesting enough to write a Livejournal post about. So here it goes.
Honestly, Britney, who told you it was a good idea to chew gum on national TV like that? It made you look like a hillbillie and like you have no class at all. Not very good for your image.
Also, I know that you're pregnant and not trying to hide anything...but, dont you think it might be a nice idea not to look like complete trash?
America already thinks that your fat, and losing your looks, and married to an idiot and have no self respect..and here you go dressing like a floozie. I mean, honestly, your shirt was so low that I could see 3/4 of your boob and your pink bra.
And Ps..i didn't even know they MADE mini-skirts that short to fit over a pregnant women's body. Geesh.

But, after watching that..I do feel a bit sorry for you.
You are a person, you do have a cute baby...and the paparazzi are really vicious.
But seriously.......what did you expect? I mean, you almost drop your baby, and drive with him on your lap on the highway. Doesn't that seem a bit careless? I mean, you speak about "Cheap shots" but I would NEVER drive with a child on my lap...ever. You should probably work on aquiring better judgement.
I think that you have a lot of money...and you should probably leave your son home when you go out to prevent any more "ooops" moments or careless judgement scenarios.

I think that  that interview made people realize that you are probably uneducated (by the way you answered questions, and didn't use correct grammar) and overly emotional, and have no self respect (platinum  dyed trailer hair, 90s stripper outfit, BAD MAKEUP).
So in closing, Britney...I think you need to have your baby...lose a TON of weight....and get a new makeup stylist...because that interview was just BAD for your image.

Sorry for being so harsh..but it's the truth.



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To be devil's advocate.. [06/11/06]
[ mood | calm ]

Okay, Jen is probably going to kick my ass for doing this...but I just felt inspired.
My friend Jen is pretty passionate about the fact that there is nothing wrong with playing video games and that children should not be limited in their video game playing time. etc.
I'm not really a video game lover for that matter...but I feel on the fence about this issue generally and I felt like playing devils advocate with her ;)
:::I <3 you Jen:::::

(All of this ofcourse...is in my opinion and I'm just having fun and not trying to be an asshole)
Video games, in general...are okay.
A lot of people play them and passionately like them.
There are online games which allow people to bond with others all over the world and play with them and build trust with other players etc. I think that concept is good.
Although...online games etc are generally (by my impression) played by "adults" 14yrs+ and are pretty violent...which is fine if you enjoy that sort of thing.
I don't really think that any hobby is a waste of time if the person does it in moderation and thoroughly ENJOYS it :-D All people like different things and have fun doing different things...so even though I don't particularly care to spend 4+ hrs playing video games...it doesn't mean that my dad or jen or khemara can't like it etc.
However, I think children & video games Vs. Parents is an interesting topic and is quite different.
I am classifying children as under 14 yrs old...because I think once you get to be 15, you can generally make your own descisions and have a good grasp on responsibilities etc. Under 14 though...I feel like they need a great deal of guidence.
Exhibit A: Childhood Obesity epidemic.
Okay...obesity isn't caused my video games solely.
BUT. If your child is say 9...and doesn't eat very well and plays video games for 4 hours every day and watches tv for another 4+ and doesn't go outside....then I think you need to limit their "infront of TV" time.
If you don't limit them...and they continue this....It'll become a habit for them and they'll probably get fat and will have little or no social skills or interactions.  Yes...kids go to school... but I doubt a kid would have a shitload of friends if all he/she did was sit inside and play games and watch TV.
I guess if your fellow school mates played games a lot, you could have game parties or whatever, but still I think that would create an isolated group of kids etc.
So i think that Video games, a couple times a week is fine. Or I think that there doesn't have to be inforcement of video game law if your kid is outside playing a ton and eats fruits and veggies a lot :-D
Exhibit B, C, D: Development and School Work, Roles, Violence.
I think that if you don't limit kids from playing games.........they may not uphold their school responsibilities etc.
As a parent, I think it's your job to tell kids :::Hey! Time to stop  and do your homework now!:::: and eventhough kids are going to bitch and moan etc...they still need to do their homework. Cuz, in the grand scheme of things, they need to go to school and do well. And that's more important than playing Mario.
I also think that young kids who play games a lot without parent involvement have role playing issues.
I think this is especially true if they play violent games at a young age, and don't have someone to explain that it's pretend  and that people aren't like that in real life etc.
I also see something interesting which comes with children playing video games without limitations...
(not that my sister is a bad mom or anything etc) My nephew (I would say) plays video games without limitations. I don't even think that the content of the games is regulated. And as a result of this...he doesn't listen to anyone.
If he is standing directly infront of me, and I tell him to take of his shoes before walking all through the house, he just looks at me like I'm out of my mind.
Now....I'm an adult...and when I was young, I was always taught to respect adults and I wouldn't DARE ignore one. I Wouldn't DARE.
He especially gets into this gaze when watching TV...you have to say his name about 2183198 times before he'll even pay attention, and thats cuz he watches too much TV and plays too many video games. He doesn't feel responsible to respond to the outside world.
I also see him get VERY ANGRY at video games.
When he doesn't win, or if something happens in the game...he gets VERY ANGRY and screams and cries and calls himself stupid etc.

So when it comes down to it.
I think limitation is important in video game playing if you, as the parent, see it necessary.
I played Mario and appropriate games of that nature a lot with my dad when I was  younger. But  my dad often played WITH me, which allowed us to bond, and also allowed him to monitor my playing.
This, I think is an ideal situation.

Anyway. This was fun. I just felt like there was much to be said about video games.
Much Love-Meredith

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I feel like summer is slipping away . [06/08/06]
[ mood | peaceful ]

I can't believe that It's already june 8th.
I feel like I got out of school like a week ago.
It's crazy. I swear...

I know this is stupid, but I just get bummed...because Khemara has a new job that is 8-4:30 M-F.
That means we can't really have any excursions this summer. And it makes me bummed out :(  Past summers...we would go to hampton beach like once every other week in the morning when no one was there...and we would just enjoy one another.
That was really nice and I miss it.
I wanted to go to Martha's Vineyard this year (I <3 it there!)  overnight...but If we go on a weekend...it's going to be packed etc. I don't think he has any vacation days either.
Look at me. I'm being a selfish jerk.
See I wouldn't tell him this...beacuse I know that he really likes his job...and I'm really excited that he got a new job.
We also don't get to play golf very much. (Granted...it's been raining like a bugger out)
Last summer, we would go @ like 8-10am and then go to work....but we can't do that...and golf courses are PACKED on the weekends.
Maybe we can hit the course after he gets out of work....but then we have to worry about stupid mosquitoes etc.

Oh...by the way........
I got the job @ Lawrence :-D sorry for not posting it earlier...i've just been so busy. I got it on tuesday.
I went yesterday to take a drug test and get a Mantoux TB test.
I have to go back tomorrow to get it read
Then I have to go back on Monday for a full physical...5 vaccines and blood work.
Then I have to go to orientation on June 20..and I get to start on June 21. :-D
I'm really excited and I have some cute scrubs to wear: Pink (top and bottom), White and black bottoms, Cute purple/pink printed shirt, cute green black and white printed shirt with pandas and an eggplant purple shirt.
I want to get a lime green set too :) Cuz I think it's just me...and then I'll be set :-D
I'm just so excited about it :)

Anyway. I'm so tired today.
I want to just lay with jchao  and cuddo/snuggo.
He's busy though and with a broken phone......so I guess I"ll have to wait until tomorrow :(. Stinkies.

Catch you all later.
Much Love-Meredith

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